1991 Annual Figur — Private The Grenadier Corps 1761

The 1991 annu­al fig­ure is a pri­vate of the “Grenadier Corps”. The twin broth­er of the life guards, cre­at­ed on Sep­tem­ber 18, 1701 by the Grenadier com­pa­nies in the recruit­ed foot regiments:
Life guards, Queen, Prince Georg, Karl Kris­t­ian, Zealand, Funen, Jut­land, Old­en­burg, Schwart­sel and Mørner.

The Corps par­tic­i­pat­ed in the same cam­paigns of the Great Nordic War, as Gar­den at Foot, with which it shared hon­or, fame and rank. Grenaderko­rpset had its place in the bat­tles on the left wing of the foot peo­ple’s first encounter and Gar­den’s place on the right wing. It was both the most dan­ger­ous and the most impor­tant items.
In peace­time, it always had gar­ni­sion in Copen­hagen and on August 8, 1768, it was unit­ed with Gar­den at Foot to a Reg­i­ment of 14 Com­pa­nies, which in the same year par­tic­i­pat­ed in 2 units: 

Gar­den at Foot & King’s Life Regiment”

So, this is an elite for­ma­tion that has played a sig­nif­i­cant role in a trou­bled peri­od of the coun­try’s history.

The fig­ure for the fig­ure is a plan cre­at­ed by one of the Soci­ety’s mem­bers Chris­t­ian Wür­gler Hansen, and the fig­ure itself in 54 mm is made by the Span­ish fig­ure-mak­er Ramon Labayen.