1998 Annual Figur — Officer, NCO and Private 1848

The year fig­ure 1998, in con­trast to pre­vi­ous year fig­ures, did not con­sist of 1 fig­ure but of 3 fig­ures, and the rea­son for this is as the artist behind the char­ac­ters Hel­muth Peipp him­self expressed it:

A sin­gle fig­ure — the poor, it was so lonely”

And when asked whether the mod­eled fig­ures were a lit­tle big, Peipp replied more eas­i­ly that he now per­ceived the sub­ject as artis­tic. And his view was that the Danes were some big, pow­er­ful and strong types. Such a charm­ing response, which was giv­en in full, can only be accepted
The fig­ures are a Sec­ond Lieu­tenant, a sub-offi­cer with a rifle and a priv­i­lege with the mus­ket. All in the red out­fits from 1848.

All the fig­ures were made with loose head­gear and were sup­plied with both a chakot, a field hat and a Hun­gar­i­an hat, where­by the peri­od 1848–49 is cov­ered. The dis­tinc­tions of the offi­cer and the sub-offi­cer are the old epaluettes which in 1848 were quick­ly replaced by field epaluettes