2005 Annual Figure – Private The Royal Horseguard 1848

The year figure 2005 is slightly different from the previous year figures as this figure is in 90 mm size where the previous year figures have primarily been figures of 54 mm size.

The figure depicts a Gardist from the distinguished Danish cavalry unit Livgarden to Horse as this one looked in Revue uniform 1848

The figure was modeled by one of the Society’s own members Einar Hansen after a plan from the planche collection:

Danish uniforms, Poster no. 18: Gardist at Livgarden to Horse

created by another of the Society’s members Christian Bruun


The figure is not created as a 100% finished mold, but against created as a split figure in 7 parts.

The shape of the figure is made by yet another member of the Society John Winther Hansen based on the original parts, and the finished figure is made by slipping molding