2005 Annual Figure — Private The Royal Horseguard 1848

The year fig­ure 2005 is slight­ly dif­fer­ent from the pre­vi­ous year fig­ures as this fig­ure is in 90 mm size where the pre­vi­ous year fig­ures have pri­mar­i­ly been fig­ures of 54 mm size.

The fig­ure depicts a Gardist from the dis­tin­guished Dan­ish cav­al­ry unit Liv­gar­den to Horse as this one looked in Revue uni­form 1848

The fig­ure was mod­eled by one of the Soci­ety’s own mem­bers Einar Hansen after a plan from the planche collection:

Dan­ish uni­forms, Poster no. 18: Gardist at Liv­gar­den to Horse

cre­at­ed by anoth­er of the Soci­ety’s mem­bers Chris­t­ian Bruun


The figure is not cre­at­ed as a 100% fin­ished mold, but against cre­at­ed as a split fig­ure in 7 parts.

The shape of the fig­ure is made by yet anoth­er mem­ber of the Soci­ety John Winther Hansen based on the orig­i­nal parts, and the fin­ished fig­ure is made by slip­ping molding