Chakoten’s Magazine 1946 — today

The found­ing of the Soci­ety Chakoten was very mod­est. After ini­tial gath­er­ings under pure­ly pri­vate forms in 1943, the Chakoten was estab­lished as an asso­ci­a­tion in 1944 con­sist­ing of a total of only three members:

Con­ser­va­tor Preben Kan­nik, Inspec­tor Sven Erwin Gal­lus and mer­chant W. Kambro

The mem­ber­ship grew slow­ly in the ear­ly years, but it was soon real­ized that there was a need for an asso­ci­a­tion mag­a­zine because of the phys­i­cal dis­tance between its mem­bers. And as ear­ly as Feb­ru­ary 1946 one could pub­lish the first issue of the mag­a­zine titled:

Chakoten mem­ber mag­a­zine for the Asso­ci­a­tion of Tin­fig­urs col­lec­tors and Uni­form his­to­ri­ans in Denmark

In the fol­low­ing years, mem­ber­ship increased grad­u­al­ly, not least because of the many exhi­bi­tions that the Soci­ety start­ed in the ear­ly 1950s.
The mag­a­zine was released as a month­ly mag­a­zine in A5 for­mat from the begin­ning in 1946, but due to a fluc­tu­at­ing amount of mate­r­i­al, in 1958 it was tried to change this to make the mag­a­zine come out 4–5 times a year and the mag­a­zine’s for­mat changed to A4 while chang­ing its name to Chakot-News. It obvi­ous­ly helped the inspi­ra­tion of the mem­bers to deliv­er fab­ric to the mag­a­zine, because already lat­er that year the mag­a­zine was back in A5 for­mat and the vin­tage 1959–61 also con­sist­ed of 10–12 numbers.

In 1962, the mag­a­zine final­ly changed its for­mat to A4 and became the last year with more than 4 num­bers, and from No. 5/1962 the mag­a­zine’s name changed to Chakoten. In 1966, the Soci­ety was merged with the Dan­ish Mil­i­tary His­to­ry Soci­ety which at that time was a sis­ter Soci­ety to the Chakoten and to show that one was now a joint Soci­ety, the mag­a­zine changed from 1968 to:

Chakoten, Dan­ish Mil­i­tary His­to­ry Society

And the mag­a­zine has kept this name ever since.

The next change to the Mag­a­zine occurred in the 1980s, when, as some­thing new, var­i­ous mil­i­tary illus­tra­tions began to appear on the front page. It already had an illus­tra­tion on the front page in the form of a logo designed by Preben Kan­nik. The logo depict­ed a grenadier chakot for the King’s Reg­i­ment in Fred­erik 6’s time, which was applied as a stamp on each copy. When the mag­a­zine changed to A4 for­mat in 1962, the chakote was a tran­si­tion sup­ple­ment­ed by the grenadier who car­ried it. The next major change of the Mag­a­zine hap­pened in 1997, when the mag­a­zine came for the first time with front and back in col­or print and final­ly in 2008 the mag­a­zine was pub­lished for the first time in full col­or and with the lay­out that the mag­a­zine has today.

Along the way in the his­to­ry of the mag­a­zine, a num­ber of spe­cial issues have also been pub­lished on var­i­ous top­ics such as the war 1807, but also on hob­by mate­ri­als, fig­ure mold­ing and paint­ing. Sim­i­lar­ly, over the years, the Soci­ety has pub­lished a num­ber of col­or charts togeth­er with the magazine.
Below it is pos­si­ble to expe­ri­ence the devel­op­ment of the Mag­a­zine your­self and see some of the arti­cles the mag­a­zine’s shown. 

The Mag­a­zine’s is in Dan­ish and has­n’t been translated 

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