Gallery 1 – Danish Husars 1700 – 1800

The Guarde Husar Regiment was established on February 10, 1762 by King Frederik 5, under the name “Husarregimentet” also after the custom of the time called “Moltke’s Husarregiment” after the regiment manager.
This regiment existed until May 31, 1767, where it was shut down again to be restored on June 1, 1774 as the “Husarregimentet”. Since then, the regiment has existed continuously until today under various names.

In the period 1780 to 1784, the Husarregiment was divided into two regiments, which were designated as the 1st and 2nd Husarregiment.

In the period 1785 to 1788, the designation was 1st and 2nd Husar Corps

The two Husar regiments had different uniforms with the same cut that were taken over by the two Husar corps
1. Husarregiment / Husarkorps wore the traditional light blue uniform
2. Husarregiment / Husarorps carried a yellow uniform

However, it was decided shortly after the establishment of the house corps that both corps should have the same uniform, namely, the one worn by 1. Husarkorps
In 1788, the two house corps were once again merged into one regiment called “Husarregimentet”. This name kept the regiment until the army order of 1843.