Gallery 1 — Danish Husars 1700 — 1800

The Guarde Husar Reg­i­ment was estab­lished on Feb­ru­ary 10, 1762 by King Fred­erik 5, under the name “Husar­reg­i­mentet” also after the cus­tom of the time called “Moltke’s Husar­reg­i­ment” after the reg­i­ment manager.
This reg­i­ment exist­ed until May 31, 1767, where it was shut down again to be restored on June 1, 1774 as the “Husar­reg­i­mentet”. Since then, the reg­i­ment has exist­ed con­tin­u­ous­ly until today under var­i­ous names.

In the peri­od 1780 to 1784, the Husar­reg­i­ment was divid­ed into two reg­i­ments, which were des­ig­nat­ed as the 1st and 2nd Husarregiment.

In the peri­od 1785 to 1788, the des­ig­na­tion was 1st and 2nd Husar Corps

The two Husar reg­i­ments had dif­fer­ent uni­forms with the same cut that were tak­en over by the two Husar corps
1. Husar­reg­i­ment / Husarko­rps wore the tra­di­tion­al light blue uniform
2. Husar­reg­i­ment / Husarorps car­ried a yel­low uniform

How­ev­er, it was decid­ed short­ly after the estab­lish­ment of the house corps that both corps should have the same uni­form, name­ly, the one worn by 1. Husarkorps
In 1788, the two house corps were once again merged into one reg­i­ment called “Husar­reg­i­mentet”. This name kept the reg­i­ment until the army order of 1843.