Gallery 2 — 1. Schleswig War 1848–1850

In 1848–51, the First Schleswig War was fought between Den­mark and Schleswig-Hol­stein. The war was about Schleswig, which both par­ties wanted.
The war itself was fought in three rather short rounds April-August 1848, April-July 1849 and July-Decem­ber 1850, inter­rupt­ed by two long cease­fire. The strength ratio changed. Den­mark suf­fered defeat at Schleswig in 1848, but won the two oth­er great bat­tles of the war at Fred­eri­cia in 1849 and Ist­ed in 1850. How­ev­er, the war luck actu­al­ly depend­ed on for­eign intervention.

In 1848 there was great enthu­si­asm for the Schleswig-Hol­stein case in Ger­many, and many Ger­man states sent troops. In 1849, the Ger­man sup­port for the Schleswig Hol­stein was small­er, and in 1850 it was with­drawn. Con­ser­v­a­tive pow­ers led by Rus­sia sought to stop the trend of revolution.
In the end, the war was def­i­nite­ly set­tled by the great pow­ers, and they did not give either side either way. Instead, they want­ed to restore Den­mark’s “main street”, Schleswig and Holstein.