Gallery 2 — Danish Husars 1800 — 1900

In 1842 the Husar­reg­i­ment changed to the “Guarde­husar­di­vi­sion” which togeth­er with The Life­guard tat Horset formed “The Horse Guard” — this des­ig­na­tion was changed in 1843 to “The Roy­al Horse Guard”. The merg­er last­ed until 1854.

The Guard Husar divi­sion was once again orga­nized as a cav­al­ry reg­i­ment under the old name “Husar­reg­i­mentet” (a divi­sion in the cav­al­ry is the term for 1/2 cav­al­ry reg­i­ment) by a merg­er with the 1st Drag­onreg­i­ment 1856.

In 1857 Husar­reg­i­mentet got its cur­rent name “Garde­husar­reg­i­mentet”. This name has since been worn by the reg­i­ment with­out change. This is absolute­ly unique in the Dan­ish army. Only the Roy­al Life Guard has also retained its name from ancient times. All oth­er reg­i­ments have been named after the Sec­ond World War.