Gallery 3 — Danish Husars 1900 — 2000

After World War II, the Garde­husar­reg­i­ment has been trans­formed from an old-fash­ioned rid­er reg­i­ment to a mod­ern armor reg­i­ment. In con­nec­tion with this trans­for­ma­tion, the reg­i­ment has gone from con­sist­ing of a num­ber of squadrons to con­sist of a num­ber of bat­tal­ions — entire­ly in accor­dance with the nor­mal orga­ni­za­tion of com­bat reg­i­ments today.

Until 1964, the reg­i­ment still had a very large pre­pared strength formed in 2 squadrons, which were then reduced to approx. 60 Hors­es that have no mil­i­tary sig­nif­i­cance but only need to enable the Reg­i­ment to per­form the Hip Ser­vice for the Horse of Her Majesty the Queen
The unit is called the Garde­husar­reg­i­mentets Hes­tereskadron and con­sists main­ly of con­scripts per­son­nel who receive a rid­ing edu­ca­tion and part­ly an actu­al sol­dier’s edu­ca­tion, which enables them to enter the units of the reg­i­ment dur­ing wartime.