Gallery 4 — Orientation about Sealand Life Regiment 1614–1961

Preben Kan­nik’s writing:
Ori­en­ta­tion on the Zealand Life Reg­i­ment in the peri­od 1614–1961
A slice of the sto­ry of Sjæl­lan­di Livreg­i­ment — Den­mark’s old­est regiment.
King Chris­t­ian IV’s great abil­i­ties and hon­est will to think of the coun­try’s defense dur­ing the time of peace caused him, for eco­nom­ic rea­sons — strong­ly urged by the Coun­cil of State — on Novem­ber 17, 1614, to issue an “ordi­nance” on the estab­lish­ment of a nation­al mili­tia on ca. 4000 man foot­men, of whom a com­pa­ny of 200 “Jacks” was print­ed in Zealand and gath­ered under the name “Sjæl­landske Kom­pag­ni af Skånske Reg­i­ment”. This com­pa­ny forms the first tribe for the “Sjæl­länd Nation­al Nation­al Reg­i­ment” estab­lished in 1628. Lat­er, in 1621, the force increased to two com­pa­nies, a total of 600 men.