John Sjöberg — Anniversery Gallery

John Sjöberg worked main­ly in 54 mm fig­ures, which he either paint­ed as the orig­i­nal or trans­formed so that they fit into a par­tic­u­lar context.
In dio­ra­mas and fig­u­ra­tive groups, he made great imag­i­na­tion for the day and they always had a sto­ry to tell — not infre­quent­ly with a touch of humor as in his beau­ti­ful dio­ra­ma of Norge­s­porten in Kastel­let in the 1700s, where all the details are — and at the same time a sense of humor. The pas­tor hold­ing the ser­mon of the set-up sol­diers, one of whom is falling asleep. Even the wood­en horse is with.