75 Years Anniversery Galleries

The Eval­u­a­tion Committee”

The gal­leries are based on a series of pho­tographs of mod­els mod­eled / paint­ed by the Soci­ety’s members
Design and paint­ing are typ­i­cal­ly based on exten­sive stud­ies of how the mil­i­tary or civil­ian actors have tak­en care of, and how they have been con­clud­ed in mil­i­tary-his­tor­i­cal contexts,

Claus Ander­s­son
Jens Bar­fod
John Winther Hansen
Lasse Hyl­mose
Svend Nielsen
Bri­an Petersen
Chris­t­ian Raun
John Sjøberg
Ole Thure­holm
Hans Chris­t­ian Wolter