Tools & Ideas

Whether you are a practitioner or a beginner, you will always go and turn your thoughts on how to seize the individual model.

If one is to paint finished figures round as flat, or if you are to paint shapes that you first have to collect or you collect military models and build dioramas, then there are certain things that all these things have in common, namely the use of brushes, colors, models materials and a lot of other things. This is especially true when you are thinking about building dioramas.

And over the years, the members of the Chakot have written several articles in the Magazine about what to use, how to use things and, not least, how to maintain their tools.

Members have divided their own ideas on how to improve things around their workplace or how to build something out of nothing.

The model tools can be anything from the ordinary model stick to the dentist tools for the fine details. Whether the paint is acrylic or oil is according to temperament, and the brushes do not have to be the superfine 10/0. Mostly, they have a fine tip. For those who build larger models or dioramas, Airbrush is a very popular tool

The Society’s members each have a fantastic knowledge in many areas also within modeling and painting and over time, several members have chosen to share this knowledge with the Society’s other members through articles in the Society’s Magazine. The following links contain examples of this:

A bit about brushes by Niels Eric Boesgaard

A little about the colors of Rolf AnholmLidt om farver af Rolf Anholm

Make a shake station by Christian Raun

Build a pump antenna by Per Finsted