Tools & Ideas

Whether you are a prac­ti­tion­er or a begin­ner, you will always go and turn your thoughts on how to seize the indi­vid­ual model.

If one is to paint fin­ished fig­ures round as flat, or if you are to paint shapes that you first have to col­lect or you col­lect mil­i­tary mod­els and build dio­ra­mas, then there are cer­tain things that all these things have in com­mon, name­ly the use of brush­es, col­ors, mod­els mate­ri­als and a lot of oth­er things. This is espe­cial­ly true when you are think­ing about build­ing dioramas.

And over the years, the mem­bers of the Chakot have writ­ten sev­er­al arti­cles in the Mag­a­zine about what to use, how to use things and, not least, how to main­tain their tools.

Mem­bers have divid­ed their own ideas on how to improve things around their work­place or how to build some­thing out of nothing.

The mod­el tools can be any­thing from the ordi­nary mod­el stick to the den­tist tools for the fine details. Whether the paint is acrylic or oil is accord­ing to tem­pera­ment, and the brush­es do not have to be the superfine 10/0. Most­ly, they have a fine tip. For those who build larg­er mod­els or dio­ra­mas, Air­brush is a very pop­u­lar tool

The Soci­ety’s mem­bers each have a fan­tas­tic knowl­edge in many areas also with­in mod­el­ing and paint­ing and over time, sev­er­al mem­bers have cho­sen to share this knowl­edge with the Soci­ety’s oth­er mem­bers through arti­cles in the Soci­ety’s Mag­a­zine. The fol­low­ing links con­tain exam­ples of this:

A bit about brush­es by Niels Eric Boesgaard

A lit­tle about the col­ors of Rolf Anholm­Lidt om farv­er af Rolf Anholm

Make a shake sta­tion by Chris­t­ian Raun

Build a pump anten­na by Per Finsted