20 seconds shake — a little idea

The Shaker — an idea from Christian Raun’s domestic treasury, which you may enjoy.

I have often looked envi­ous­ly at the painter’s shak­ing machine, because when I have to paint the paint in small cans of hob­by col­or, it is almost no mat­ter how long I shake them. There is always a dense lump of col­or in the bot­tom of the can, and when it is stirred up with a stick, often more col­or is left on the stir­rer than the bit of paint I real­ly need.

That’s why I’ve designed a sim­ple mini shak­er. In a wood­en block, holes are drilled in just the size of the paint cans. The block is clamped onto a shak­er with two heavy-duty rub­ber bands. It is impor­tant that the cans are com­plete­ly tight in the holes — this can pos­si­bly be done with a tooth­pick as a wedge. After just 20 sec­onds of shak­ing, the paint has touched per­fect­ly and zero spillage.