Preben Kannik (1914–1967)(en)

Preben Kan­nik was trained as a pin­ter, end­ing in 1934. He was attached Tøjhus­museet in Copen­hagen in 1935, con­ser­va­tor in 1956, and for many years head of the muse­um’s uni­form depart­ment. Kan­nik com­plet­ed study trips in Europe and in the US and joined as a mem­ber of var­i­ous com­mis­sions, among oth­ers “The Uni­form Com­mis­sion of 1945”.

He was the ini­tia­tor of the foun­da­tion in 1944 of the Soci­ety and served as pres­i­dent 1944–1958. He was also co-founder of “The His­to­ry Soci­ety of Dan­ish Orders and Medals” in 1966.    Lit­er­ary works:  The World of Flags 1956, the sec­tion “Uni­forms and equip­ment” in the Tøjhus­museet’s book on the war in 1864 1964, and World­wide Uni­forms, 1967 and oth­ers Preben Kan­nik was award­ed “Com­man­dant E.L. Buc­quoy Memo­r­i­al Memo­r­i­al “1960 and” Roy­al. North­ern Skåne Infantry Reg­i­ment Hon­orary record ”1961.

Exam­ples of oth­er works by Preben Kannik

Uni­form post­card by Preben Kannik

Gallery 1 — Hunter Corps

Gallery 2 — Dan­ish Life Regiment

Gallery 3 — Born­holm Guard

Gallery 4 — Ori­en­ta­tion about Sealand Life Reg­i­ment 1614–1961