Svend Højberg Nielsen (1919–2005)(en)

Svend Vig­go Højberg Nielsen was born on March 15, 1919 in Valde­mars­gade in Aarhus. Højberg grew up among hors­es, first at the 3rd Drag­on Reg­i­ment in Aarhus and Tøn­der, and lat­er at the Husar­reg­i­mentet in Næstved, where his father was a com­man­der and lat­er on. So hors­es were a big part of young Højberg’s every­day life and came to char­ac­ter­ize his artist’s mind through­out his life.

Dur­ing the occu­pa­tion, Højberg was a mem­ber of a resis­tance group, oth­er­wise in the same group as the lat­er may­or of Glad­saxe Erhard Jacob­sen. In 1946, Højberg entered mil­i­tary ser­vice at the 1st Field Artillery Reg­i­ment. He was select­ed as an offi­cer aspi­rant, and in the spring of 1947 he was appoint­ed to the grain and trans­ferred to the 6th artillery reg­i­ment. After serv­ing in Ger­many, for exam­ple, he left the defense in 1949 with a degree of sec­ond lieu­tenant. He then con­tin­ued for many years as a prime lieu­tenant in the Home Guard. Through a good friend Højberg heard about the Soci­ety Chakoten and joined as a mem­ber in 1963. He was and is espe­cial­ly known for his many uni­form draw­ings. Højberg’s main inter­est in Chakoten was ini­tial­ly to paint tin fig­ures with oil col­ors, but after devel­op­ing eczema against tur­pen­tine, he had to use only water-based colors.

This put the seed to his well-known uni­forms. He took inspi­ra­tion from the draw­ings from pho­tos, draw­ings, orig­i­nal objects, etc. The inter­est in repro­duc­ing the uni­forms as accu­rate­ly as pos­si­ble made him con­tin­u­ous­ly browse through the years and aimed at his many col­ored draw­ings, which have become over the years. Højberg’s first arti­cle in the Chakoten was already brought in 1963 and dealt with Husarkom­pag­ni­et 1737–1746. Since then, many more fol­lowed the illus­tra­tions about Dan­ish husars through time. But also Dan­ish drag­ons, Scots from Bon­nie Prince Charles’ time as well as French and British cav­al­ry through the ages cap­tured his dili­gent and care­ful interest.

Por­trait of Svend Højberg Nielsen(in Danish)

1. Husar­reg­i­ment 1781, Pauke­fan­er acc. to draw­ing at the Nation­al Archive

Svend was an extreme­ly detail-ori­ent­ed per­son, who most hap­pi­ly shared his knowl­edge with everyone.
This came to light through, among oth­er things, a num­ber of book­lets con­tain­ing uni­form draw­ings with a col­or descrip­tion in both Dan­ish and Eng­lish, which he pub­lished togeth­er with the now hob­by­ist “Mod­el & Hobby”

Book­let of Dan­ish Husars 1963


Exam­ples of works by Svend Højberg Nielsen

Gallery 1 — Dan­ish Husars 1700 — 1800

Gallery 2 — Dan­ish Husars 1800 — 1900

Gallery 3 — Dan­ish Husars 1900 — 2000

Gallery 4 — Oth­er works