Uniform and History Posters created by The Society’s Members

Many members are very interested in uniforms. The Society’s first president, Preben Kannik, drew uniform plans for books and magazines. In addition, between 1945 and 1947, he drew a number of black-and-white boards with associated color descriptions. However, the time was not ripe for the continuation of the work. Nevertheless, he produced a series of color charts and produced the uniform postcards “Danske Regimenter”. In 1967, the groundbreaking release “Alverdens Uniforms” followed.

Two of our members have excelled themselves with their illustrations. Svend Højberg Nielsen produced a large number of color schemes covering 13 nations. The starting point was his great knowledge of husars.
Chr. Würgler Hansen has produced many fine illustrations that have adorned both
The Society’s magazine and special numbers. In addition, they have found their way to our exhibitions, and many are used in publications outside the Society.

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     Preben                     Christian                     Svend                  
     Kannik                     Würgler                     Højberg              
                                       Hansen                       Nielsen