Christian Würgler Hansen (f.1937)(en)

Christian was born on April 24, 1937 in the village of Ulstrup. His interest in uniforms was awakened when one day he had to make a cover for the book Radetsky March by J. Roth, about an ulan officer in World War I. He chose to go to the Tøjhusmuseet, where he was helped by a friendly man named Preben Kannik.
As a result of Christian’s interest in military history and in particular the uniform history, he joined the Chakoten. After a couple of years of membership he felt capable of drawing and publishing the 4 famous plates with Danish uniforms from the Napoleonic era by the King’s Lifeguard Corps 1801–1809, the 3d Jydske Infantry Regiment 1813, Jydske Regiment Lette Dragoner 1813 and the Royal Life Guard for Horse 1800 respectively. -13
In the good old days, when the journal Chakoten only came out in black and white, Christian took the initiative to assist the uniforms sketchers in the Society in inserting plans printed in colors in the Magazine. A strip of editors and the Magazine Chakotens readers have benefited from Christian’s desire to draw uniforms and his willingness to illustrate events that did not really exist illustrations.
Over time, he managed to draw about 35 uniforms posters.

Portrait of Christian Würgler Hansen(in Danish)

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