Christian Würgler Hansen (f.1937)(en)

Chris­t­ian was born on April 24, 1937 in the vil­lage of Ulstrup. His inter­est in uni­forms was awak­ened when one day he had to make a cov­er for the book Radet­sky March by J. Roth, about an ulan offi­cer in World War I. He chose to go to the Tøjhus­museet, where he was helped by a friend­ly man named Preben Kannik.
As a result of Chris­tian’s inter­est in mil­i­tary his­to­ry and in par­tic­u­lar the uni­form his­to­ry, he joined the Chakoten. After a cou­ple of years of mem­ber­ship he felt capa­ble of draw­ing and pub­lish­ing the 4 famous plates with Dan­ish uni­forms from the Napoleon­ic era by the King’s Life­guard Corps 1801–1809, the 3d Jydske Infantry Reg­i­ment 1813, Jydske Reg­i­ment Lette Drag­oner 1813 and the Roy­al Life Guard for Horse 1800 respec­tive­ly. ‑13
In the good old days, when the jour­nal Chakoten only came out in black and white, Chris­t­ian took the ini­tia­tive to assist the uni­forms sketch­ers in the Soci­ety in insert­ing plans print­ed in col­ors in the Mag­a­zine. A strip of edi­tors and the Mag­a­zine Chakotens read­ers have ben­e­fit­ed from Chris­tian’s desire to draw uni­forms and his will­ing­ness to illus­trate events that did not real­ly exist illustrations.
Over time, he man­aged to draw about 35 uni­forms posters.

Por­trait of Chris­t­ian Wür­gler Hansen(in Danish)

Exam­ples of oth­er works by CHris­t­ian Wür­gler Hansen

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   Expla­na­tion of Schleswig-Hol­stein & Ger­man Uni­forms 1848–1850

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