Model Projects

Mod­el­ing and mold­ing is often some­thing that is exer­cised by the indi­vid­ual in lofty lone­li­ness with­in the home­’s four walls, but it does hap­pen, how­ev­er, that more peo­ple join togeth­er for a larg­er project. It hap­pened among oth­er things. in con­nec­tion with the Soci­ety’s 1807 exhi­bi­tion where 4 mem­bers joined togeth­er to build dio­ra­mas and fre­quent­ly exchanged fig­u­ra­tive parts and to a great extent knowl­edge of the uni­forms of the period ”
The projects can rough­ly be divid­ed into annu­al fig­ures, the Soci­ety’s own projects and exter­nal projects where one or more of the Soci­ety’s mem­bers have pro­vid­ed assis­tance in the form of knowledge.

Among annu­al fig­ures can be men­tioned interchangeably:

1955 Year fig­ure — King Fred­erik VII approx. 1850

1991 Year fig­urine — Pri­vate Grenad­er 1761

1998 Year fig­ures — Offi­cer, NCO and Pri­vate 1848

2005 Year fig­ure — Pri­vate Roy­al Guard for horse 1848


Among the Soci­ety’s own projects can be men­tioned interchangeably:

A can­non from the Bat­tle of Rheden

2003 Dan­ish Artillery sys­tem M / 1834


Exter­nal projects include:

The lat­est shot on the tribe of projects is not a sep­a­rate project from the Chakoten but a series of 28 mm war game char­ac­ters depict­ing Dan­ish-Nor­we­gian Foot­men, Cav­al­ry and Artillery 1803–14 pro­duced by Allan and Michael Per­ry from Per­ry miniatures.
How­ev­er, some of the mem­bers of the Chakot have par­tic­i­pat­ed as con­sul­tants on the project because of their great knowl­edge in the field

2017 The Per­ry Achive­ment — The Dan­ish-Nor­we­gian Army 1803–14